A Brief History and Philosophy Summary

Longboarding and especially downhillskateboarding used to be very small and unpopular 10 years ago, when the Layback Distribution was founded. Hardly anybody knew about the sport and it's core brands in Germany. The sports story and it's ideas had to be told and there was lots of stoke to spread - hard work and a lot of time on the road for a distributor.

Landyachtz was the first brand to be part of Layback, besides Hackbrett of course, which was founded around the same time as the distribution.

The market started to grow over the years, so did the distribution's first brand and the distribution itself. New brands and new staff were added up to Layback Dist's lineup.

Crail Trucks is one example. Crail comes from Brazil and originates in Street skating. They were some of the first to develope a reversed kingpin longboard truck . After a good 5 years of coorperation the result is a solid name in the European longboard scene. A speciality is that Layback's & Hackbrett's founder even developed a new truck with them and has his factory own signature model as a rider by now...

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Layback Distribution
Schopfheimerstr. 3
79115 Freiburg i. Br.
Phone: +49 (761) 2855659
Fax: +49 (761) 2852964

Person of contact:
Felix Druschel
Phone: +49 (761) 29280775



Felix Druschel
Sven Wiedmann
Leon Ritter
Flurin Steiert
Janko Lehmann
Matt Elver
Joao Martins
Hartmut "Hack" Olpp
Luzi Spengler
Lukas Steiert
Susana Torroais
Tom Dammann
Max Stamler
Dennis Alfred Wangler
Felix "Koffer" Prändl
Benjamin Löffler
Jan Siegismund
Martin Kühbauch
William Körper
Holger "Shredder" Schröder
Cengiz Cobdak
Judith Richer
Florian Klamm
Mathias Fink